Monday, December 20, 2010

Sabah trip with family~~Day 2

The second day was my brother’s big day- His long-waiting Convocation ceremony. My parent, aunty and I wake up early in the morning to accompany him went to UMS first.
Visiting UMS for the first time, hmmmm~~~ wat can I say? The campus is big….but Nice??? Ya, the hall is really nice. Otherwise, I still prefer UNIMAS new campus as the art of those buildings there is much more model, nicer in look and classy…..

Allrite!~~~ Have a snap after ready for the ceremony!~~

The ceremony took around 4 hours as that was the first session (including postgraduate student).
Congratulation~~ Dr. Tan
The jubah looks so familiar!~~~
Almost the same with USM jubah....

U know what!~~~ The sun there is soo shine with strong wind!!

That was my first experience!

Flower from Tans' siblings ~~~~

In the evening time, we went to studio for our portrait shooting!~~~ I love this studio so much... they did not have limit in the number of pose we wanna to take~~~ We can snap as many as we can.... And at last, they gave us all the photos in softcopy
Another new portrait! :)

This is nice!~~ I love tis...



Brothers and sisters!~~~

My youngest brother and me~~~
looking soo smart for the top, soo cute by wearing sport shoe!!
He always do funny things which make me cannot tahan... haha

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sabah trip with family~~Day 1

Woh!!! Almost half a year, I din “conteng” my blog adi….
So, let me update some story about my sabah trip. I know I am late to talk bout tis…
October was fantastic!! As I had a memorable vacation with my family at Sabah in conjunction with my eldest brother’s convocation. So the convocation ceremony was on Saturday (09102010). Early in the morning of Friday, I took flight from Penang to LCCT to meet my family and then we departed to Kota Kinabalu together!~~

These are considered less!!!

Had some snap snap while q-ing up for check in!!!
As i said, mum can be very very cute de....

Nasi lemak on flight!!
Seriously, tis is super duper delicious wei!!!
booked online only rm12... with a cup of teh tarik

Reached Sabah at evening time…. Immediately, we went to our service apartment to unload our luggages and had a rest before our dinner. The 3-room Marina Court service apartment was nice… gave us a warm-home sweet home- feeling!!! My aunty (mum’s sister) from Singapore joined in this vacation too. Well, she is the-only sister of my mum. So, any vacation, we sure hang out together happily. The children (well, no doubt including me, haha) always enjoy the time we share, play and eat together. Nothing much for the first day, as we are tired…

Our first seafood dinner~~
Org kalau cakap sabah, mesti cakap seafood!!!

First day~~