Thursday, October 29, 2009

TUNE HoTeL~~~~~

Tune Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak is located at town, which is just beside RIverside shopping complex and in front of it is water front~~
There are many shops selling souvenir nearby, 5 mins walk from Tune Hotel.....not forgetting also the most famous Street, Indian Street which take about 15 mins from the hotel.
Overall, the location of this hotel is ideal.......
(Cafe, pub, Bukit Merah Seafood, souvenir shops, and cinema are nearby and can just go around by walking)
Reception counter~~~~~
Waiting Lodge~~~~
Everythings inside the room are controlled by this system~~~~
Quite high technology.
If you purchase only 12 hours air-conditioner, this system will display remaining time ....

The so comfort..........miss this bed so much. Safety box is also provided.Resit.......just like flight broading ticket
Seafood from Bukit Merat Topspot~~~~~
Must go this shop if you wan to buy souvenirs.....Items sell in this shop are damn cheap and more variety of bags.

The Borneo Magic~~~~~~

Bag that I bought~~~~~Much more cheaper compore to those sell in shopping complex.

Cheese Laye Cake......This is extremely delicous and nice with fantastic and thick layer of sliced cheese. Only RM14. Worth it......Must try

Sisip ikan kek lapis~~~the taste is still ok. I like the art of this cake. Sarawak is always famous of kek lapis and kek batik~~~ RM 15

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well~~~~ Quite a long time I do not update my blog already......
Recently, I discovered my English is not improving....

I still remember my form 4 and form 5 English teacher, Mr Tan said " You have to sit down everynight to write Journal.....Journal helps to improve English writing skill. Practice make perfect! Journal can help you write an esaay continously". (Journal here means diary)

He also said " Make sure you read newspapaer everyday! English newspaper! And learn some words from articles to enchance Vocabulary".

That time, I really force myself study English everynight....train myself by writing Journal
With that, my English improved and gained an A for SPM English.......Mr. Tan, who is also my dad, felt so surpise for my result.....

After that, I managed to enter Matriculation and University.....Until now, I do not really study English everynight......
Hence, I make up my write less ONCE a week.~~~~~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A million, billion, trillion and zillion of blessinG....

Dear Dad,

We will pray hard for U,
Recover SooN ya....
Do take our MillioN, BilliOn, Trillion and Zillion of blessinG.....

From loves,
Zi Han,
Zi Ni,
Zi Yu,
Zi Yi

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The StorY oF DiGesTive sYsTEm......

Wow! What a roller coaster! I never knew digestion would be such an agitating process. First, we were chewed up by the teeth. Some enzymes joined us in the mouth, but they weren’t very nice. They kept trying to break us down, and some of the glucans I was bonded to were pulled away.

Next, we went down a long tube called the esophagus. The muscles in the walls of the tube were very pushy! We were then admitted into the stomach by a valve called the Sphincter. He was kind of paranoid, and did not let us through until he was sure there was enough room for us. Inside the stomach, it was very dark. All of a sudden, these glands started releasing slimy mucus, water, and strong acid on us. I was pretty scared because I couldn’t see what was going on, and I only had one glucan who was still bonded to me to talk to.

After about four hours in that horrible stomach, the muscles in its walls finally pushed us on to part of the small intestine called the duodenum. At first, I thought this organ was going to be much better because the intestinal juices started to neutralize those strong stomach acids that were hanging around us. Soon, however, some more glands started letting loose pancreatic enzymes, which were even meaner than those stomach juices. Some guy named Amylase came and broke the bond between me and the other glucan, so now I’m not even part of a disaccharide anymore.

When we had all been broken down into simple sugars again, we were pushed on into the small intestine. The walls of the small intestine were covered with little finger-like projections called villi. There were so many that they looked like a pink carpet. Then, the whole organ started churning so much that I thought I was going to be sick. I looked for a way out and was able to pass through the walls of one of the villi into a capillary. I was so glad to get out of those disgusting organs! Now the blood in the capillary is carrying me along to my next destination. It’s not a bad way to travel, so I might as well go with the flow!

An interesting and meaningful article which found from internet explaning feeling of "Carbohydrate" travelling in humans' digestive system....

Sunday, May 10, 2009








天下的妈妈,09 年母亲节快乐!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cars that I hope got chance to drive on...

After talking about my dream cars, there are cars that I hope to drive on. Or maybe I unable to make my dream cars come true (x money de mah), then I might change my target loh….

Toyota Yaris

Short n adorable….
I love this car in red color loh

Toyota RAV 4

Toyota Vios

Suzuki Swift
Small n adorable….Cute… Love it

Suzuki Vitara

Nissan March

A very classical-looked car…
When I look at this car, I will think off one of my piano classical song “ Turkish March”
Perhaps the car name is origin from this song.
It shape look very abnormal but really cute

Honda CRV

New Edition...
Old edition..... not for sell..... unless buy second hand wan

I like both edition of this car
Look elegant….

Hyundai Getz

Dream cars....

My dream cars are always adorable…….. (in my heart)

Mini Cooper

The car like the most!! Very expensive wo… One of my friends told me that unless my family has extra money, or else buying mini cooper is not worth… But I dun think so… Buying a car which I like is to appreciate my life and give myself a small encouragement….

Price is almost RM200,000 and second hand cost RM130,000. But second hand is normally imported from Japan as Japanese like to change their car once in five years time.

My mum said is not worth to buy mini cooper as it is so small…. Hais…wat can do old people like long car de mah.


This is my dream when I small or I am still a kid. Attracted by its shape and appearance…. It is cheaper then mini copper and of course bigger. My mum sure supports this car rather than mini cooper.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Vico MAN…

u can see Vico or Milo car giving off FOC beverage…..
I saw a Vico car in USM last few weeks.
A Vico car with Vico man inside
A Vico man is making Vico beverage…..

But look at the pic (the area circle in yellow)

That is coffee… in BM called Kopi….
A Vico car hanging coffee instead of Vico…
I wonder whether there are people that asked the Vico man
“ Encik, Kopi ni untuk dijual? Berapa?”
A Vico man that drink coffee in Vico car…..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My graduation day,
My unforgettable day……….

I would like to use this space to thank all my family members, my friends, and also my lecturers….

First of all,
I would like to thank all of my family members that supported me during my three years study in Sarawak, a place which far away from my house and I had to take flight only I can reached this land. My beloved mum, supported in all the aspects, no matter financial and moral support, and sometime, she support me with her valuable tears also. My sister always be my spy and told me that my mum cried once I boarding………… T_T

N not forget also to my dear dad. Supported me in all the aspects also. My dad was also my editor during my Final Year Project thesis writing. He helped me to mark all my grammatical error in my writing in a short period. Just imagine how many pages in my thesis. At the end, I gained an A for my FYP which took me 4 credits over my total 12 credits during my final semester. Congratulation to my dad, for gaining Excellent Teacher (Guru Cemerlang) for the year of 2008. N I am so sorry that my English is not so good. (My dad is a TESLian)

So, on my graduation day, my whole family came to Sarawak to support me. N including also my little yi yi (mum’s sister) n yi zhang (yi yi’s husband) that came from Singapore. I really felt so happy and “gang dong”. N I am the FRIST CHilD to graduate in my family. I really had a sweet time with them……n End up with an unforgettable memory….

They all had their own thing to carry on during my convocation week. N they are willing to take leave. My parent, which are government servants, took four days leave. My little cute sister, having her SPM trial exam next next week after my convo week, ponteng school for 5 days. Mean one week x go to school woh. My eldest brother, having his important clinical posting, came to Sarawak to support me on Monday evening and back to Sabah again on Tuesday nite. Luckily, my youngest brother was the one available, because his polytechnic had mid-term holiday for two weeks. My yiyi which running her own beauty salon, dedicated her time to me as she wan to make over for me for my ceremony session. Time is important for business women.
At the end, end up with a nice n sweet family portrait…. Like it so much

My parent n me....

Family Portrait....
Thanks to my mummy, my yiyi, my eldest brother n sister-in-law to be, my two little juniors (Wei Yen n Miaw Fang) n Yan Yann for their sweet n lovely flowers…….

Flower from mummy.

Flower from yiyi.

Flower from my eldest brother n sister-in-law to be.

Secondly, thanks to all of my friends, my ji mui (best sister), and also my coursemates.
N also to everybody that knows me. Sorry if I x mentioned your name.

My ji mui,
Livon, a raw sweet potato to be, ajar me lots of thg
Yean, my FSKPM ji mui
Melissa, my eating partner
Kiaw Kiaw, help me lots in solving problem n a good assignment partner.
Chloe, studying UM Ac Sc, my ji mui since secondary school

My friends and coursemates,
Hamizah- my cute roommates and coursemate
Atiqah-my coursemate and FYP pattern
Yik Ming- first person I kenal in my course
Yan Yann- My TESLian frenz and my eating partner
Desmond-my grandpa n senior to be, came all the way to our convocation just to support his juniors. Semangat berkobar-kobar
Hui Eng-my Eng Eng jie jie, but always made me worry for her
Helen-I use to play, chat and gossip around with her
Christina-my Mukah food supplier
Hong Chang-my daddy to be, cute and adorable
Del, Leanne n zaza-gila gila geng
Noren, Azua n Azrul- same FYP supervisor and same lab. N we use to play n chat in the lab when the timing is correct
Act-fetched me to Econ class located at old campus
Mr. Kwan- the most helpful and active guy in our class
Chun Hoong-Known as Muscle Ho, likes to buli me
and many many others more. (Sorry, really x space)

N Lastly to all my lecturer that guided me in this three years and all the kindness to me
Dr Edmund- Head of my Department
Dr Awang- Head of my program and advised me in my undergrad n postgrad study.
Prof. Dr. Kopli- my FYP supervisor and almost my postgraduate study supervisor. He guided me a lots of thgs concerning sago, algae n fermentation. I very tension when I received his sms in English. Talked to my dad during convo. Frighten me. haha. I liked his class the most as I gained lots of knowledge concerning the field that I liked....
Assc Prof Dr. Awang Iskandar- my “god father”, or in formal term my mentor and now in UniKL.
Dr. Hairul- A very serious lecturer, but I liked his class also......
Pn. Dayang- a very sweet n mummy-like lecturer. She was also my examiner for FYP. Thank you very much for her praise and comments during presentation. Help me lots in improving my thesis write up.

I guess, I should stop here….
Thanks a lots for all the people that I kenal…..n also their supports
Without them, I x have my sweet n unforgettable day, 12.08.2008

In memory always….. 12.08.2008

Friday, January 16, 2009


Convocation 2008