Friday, February 13, 2009

Cars that I hope got chance to drive on...

After talking about my dream cars, there are cars that I hope to drive on. Or maybe I unable to make my dream cars come true (x money de mah), then I might change my target loh….

Toyota Yaris

Short n adorable….
I love this car in red color loh

Toyota RAV 4

Toyota Vios

Suzuki Swift
Small n adorable….Cute… Love it

Suzuki Vitara

Nissan March

A very classical-looked car…
When I look at this car, I will think off one of my piano classical song “ Turkish March”
Perhaps the car name is origin from this song.
It shape look very abnormal but really cute

Honda CRV

New Edition...
Old edition..... not for sell..... unless buy second hand wan

I like both edition of this car
Look elegant….

Hyundai Getz


  1. got a fren who own toyota yaris. nt much diff than vios. same engine but cuter. haha

  2. i know la~~~~ last time kat FSTS ada sebuah YAris in red lagi~~~~ I LOVE IT