Friday, February 13, 2009

Dream cars....

My dream cars are always adorable…….. (in my heart)

Mini Cooper

The car like the most!! Very expensive wo… One of my friends told me that unless my family has extra money, or else buying mini cooper is not worth… But I dun think so… Buying a car which I like is to appreciate my life and give myself a small encouragement….

Price is almost RM200,000 and second hand cost RM130,000. But second hand is normally imported from Japan as Japanese like to change their car once in five years time.

My mum said is not worth to buy mini cooper as it is so small…. Hais…wat can do old people like long car de mah.


This is my dream when I small or I am still a kid. Attracted by its shape and appearance…. It is cheaper then mini copper and of course bigger. My mum sure supports this car rather than mini cooper.

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