Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well~~~~ Quite a long time I do not update my blog already......
Recently, I discovered my English is not improving....

I still remember my form 4 and form 5 English teacher, Mr Tan said " You have to sit down everynight to write Journal.....Journal helps to improve English writing skill. Practice make perfect! Journal can help you write an esaay continously". (Journal here means diary)

He also said " Make sure you read newspapaer everyday! English newspaper! And learn some words from articles to enchance Vocabulary".

That time, I really force myself study English everynight....train myself by writing Journal
With that, my English improved and gained an A for SPM English.......Mr. Tan, who is also my dad, felt so surpise for my result.....

After that, I managed to enter Matriculation and University.....Until now, I do not really study English everynight......
Hence, I make up my write less ONCE a week.~~~~~


  1. go kakak!! (n_n) remember what i've said, i will be always one step behind you,.. supporting everything you do, hee,..

  2. supporting everythg i do?
    termasuk tukar citizenship?