Thursday, October 29, 2009

TUNE HoTeL~~~~~

Tune Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak is located at town, which is just beside RIverside shopping complex and in front of it is water front~~
There are many shops selling souvenir nearby, 5 mins walk from Tune Hotel.....not forgetting also the most famous Street, Indian Street which take about 15 mins from the hotel.
Overall, the location of this hotel is ideal.......
(Cafe, pub, Bukit Merah Seafood, souvenir shops, and cinema are nearby and can just go around by walking)
Reception counter~~~~~
Waiting Lodge~~~~
Everythings inside the room are controlled by this system~~~~
Quite high technology.
If you purchase only 12 hours air-conditioner, this system will display remaining time ....

The so comfort..........miss this bed so much. Safety box is also provided.Resit.......just like flight broading ticket
Seafood from Bukit Merat Topspot~~~~~
Must go this shop if you wan to buy souvenirs.....Items sell in this shop are damn cheap and more variety of bags.

The Borneo Magic~~~~~~

Bag that I bought~~~~~Much more cheaper compore to those sell in shopping complex.

Cheese Laye Cake......This is extremely delicous and nice with fantastic and thick layer of sliced cheese. Only RM14. Worth it......Must try

Sisip ikan kek lapis~~~the taste is still ok. I like the art of this cake. Sarawak is always famous of kek lapis and kek batik~~~ RM 15


  1. The bag very beautiful much? Next time you go to Sarawak, I also wanna follow ^^

  2. the bag only rm20 mia loh.....
    i bring it to penang chance show you loh
    nono.... i will x go bc to sarawak anymore loh...unless got important thg there