Thursday, January 28, 2010


Last week, I received a letter from USM Research Creativity And Management Office....
Before I opened, my heart beat started to get irregular, and quite curious what that letter concern???

Izzit I kena FIRE? or my grant get REJECTED? or my fellowship get TERMINATED?
BUT then at that moment, I still hoping something is good from that letter~~~~

"Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Universiti telah meluluskan permohonan geran penyelidikan puan......"

Woh~~~~ Although sometimes I hate to write this sentence whenever I have to write formal letter..... but then tis sentence is just so fantastic and AMAZING, and also nice to read~~~~
I feel so hepi and almost become "dancing queen" in the lab........

Without wasting time, I rush to my boss's room to tell her this good new....

she was very hepi too
She told me i will handle and "jaga" my own grant.......AND of course I will be the one who signing PO loh.....

My boss is really correct.....
She told me before "Things that you gained with your own effort, you will be super duper hepi and feel satisfacted"

Allrite, with this grant, I can continue my research without any worriness!!!!.

Wish myself good luck in my PhD study, hope to pass with flying colour and graduate in time without disappointing my dearest DadDY and MUMMY~~~~

HerE i GO~~~~ GOOD LUCK and JIa You oh~~~