Sunday, May 2, 2010

A DatE with Max!

This is Annie and her forever lover, Max.

So, what is your opinion towards Max?..... cute? Gigantic? Scary?
This photo was uploaded by Lai Mei before our first date with Max.

Everybody so shock when saw this photo…... and their responds were
“ Ah Max grow so big liao? Ooh gosh, Max’s head is bigger than Annie liao” (Cliff, 2010)
“I scare” (Papa, 2010)
“ Wah its so cute, size gam gam can hug, wer to buy it ar, I like this size dog” (Nyok Ling, 2010)

Hence, last Thursday, Annie arranged her time and brought Max out to date with us at Botanical Garden. When we saw Max, we non-stop calling “ Max! Max! Max!” and keep on molest him….haha.We kept on touching his fur…. His fur is so nice….. and Cliff said Max’s fur is just like Maggie Mee. Indeed, this is really a fact! Naturally curve fur, no perm is needed. And one thing, his fur is so padat….. so thick!

Max's fur is so fantastic! Nice to hug!

Max welcomed us by smiling~~~ He is so cute, leng and muscular!

Max is much much more tiny compare with the one which captured by Lai Mei in the photo…. Papa said the photo misleading us…. Lai Mei, kidding only loh!
So, we walked a big round with Max in Botanical garden… Max is so guai and obedient! He listened to every instruction by Annie. And, he is English educated neh!

Max is so active!

Last Friday, while I was having lunch with Annie, she told me that Max was so miserable that day. She said Max every time after cut his fur, he will definitely no mood to eat, lazy to walk and play around. Perhaps, Max is just like me also, he loves his fur so much! Of course, I love my HAIR too…..Max is so emotional….

Annie also told me she felt so pity with Max as she is going back to workforce community tomorrow. So, nobody accompany Max during day time. She said Max will definitely sit in front of the door and wait for her to come back…. The feeling of waiting~~~ only Max know.......Pity, Max~~~~

We LOVE Max!


  1. Zinie! The blog is filled with emotion. I can arrange Max for outing together again, but the place must allow dogs..In Malaysia, it is difficult to find place that allows dog...:( Else, either Saturday or Sunday morning, jog at gurney drive, ard 6.30am..haha..sometimes, if i can wake up, i will bring him there.... :)

  2. U r almost welcome, Max's Mummy
    haha~~~ okok, see when you all free, maybe after viva loh~~
    Then we have a morning walk with Max! Last time is evening walk.