Friday, April 30, 2010

Sushi King Bonanza @ Queensbay Mall and E-gate, Penang

Woh~~~ Sushi king Bonanza was back again!!!!!
Sushi Time! All sushi with rice on the belt only RM2

Sushi on belt~~

So, many will ask how popular sushi king bonanza in Penang???
I can tell you surely, Penangite are sushi lover~~~~
They don’t mind in Q-ing-up, for long period, just to eat RM2 sushi
And the way they eat sushi is not “polite” also!
Whenever those famous rice sushi such as unagi, salmon, ebiko and other out from the kitchen, they preparing to “rebut” ~~~~

I love sushi~~~

I felt so surprised last year during my first time experience having my sushi bonanza in Penang.
While I am sharing my experience with my “daddy” Hong Chang through MSN, he told me that Sarawakian are more polite~~~ Perhaps Penangite are really sushi lovers!
So, on that day, our schoolmates, TC, whose own a sushi king card, told us to get ready and had to reach Queensbay Mall by 10.30am! Because of him, we sit on at a strategic place where go not need to stand up to “rebut” for sushi~~~ what an enjoyable moment I had with my schoolmates!
Then, after I back from Queensbay Mall, my twins, Rachael asked me to go sushi again! OMG, my dinner for the same day was also sushi! Twins, papa and me went to sushi king at E-gate~~~

Papa and me~~~

My lenglui twins, lai mei~~

Hmmm~~~ compare to Sushi king Queensbay Mall, Sushi king E-gate less organize in arrangement and also sushi preparation! Everything looks like “tak sempat” here……

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