Friday, April 23, 2010

SpeCially dedicated 2 My deaREst eLdesT BroTHeR

This is just like happening yesterday….
When dad and mum brought us to KLIA 5 years ago!
5 years time~~~ not short and not too long……
I understand that the road to become a medical student is not easy…..
Road is not always smooth~~~

Gor and me at mamak stall, 2008

Today, you have passed your professional exam II
And will be getting “DR” on this Oct~~~
I guess mum and dad will be proud of you,
And so do I, Wu and Zhi.
And also not forgetting our grandma,
She will be happy to see the first doctor in Tan family

Mum surely will cry in the convo hall
As ah Zhi told me mum drop tears
While inside the hall during my graduation ceremony!
I guess so do I …..
feel really touch!

Photo with gor during my convocation, 2008
Really can’t wait
And feel so excited with our Oct-Family-Sabah Trip
I got a feeling
Will be a fantastic trip for our family this year!
Is just like our Sarawak‘s Trip 2 years ago….
And we will be getting another new family portrait.
Congratulation to my dearest eldest brother once again…..
And do hoped can join you in 2 years time!
Pray hard for me..

My family portrait during my convocation 2008

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