Friday, April 23, 2010

LanGkAWi TRIp...

Well, it has been a long long time for not updating my blog~~~
quite busy with my study recently.
However, I feel guilty for not updating my blog
Hmmmm….. Lots of stories are still in the pending to share with all of you~~~

Let me start with my Langkawi trip on the early of March. This is actually school trips, which suppose to be held last year. At the end, only 7 of us join this trip. I enjoyed this trip so much with my gang: My so-called gor gor, Chun Hoong; gor gor’s girl frenz; desmond; our boss, Thuan Chew; my best buddy from China, Ling Yun and also my labmates, Fadzirul.
We started our journey by sitting about 2 hours of ferry from Kuala Kedah Port. Upon reaching there, gor gor , TC and fadzirul busy settle our 3 days transportation, accommodation, and also our activities. They are really good organizers.

Playing Around with Jasmine while waiting for gor gor they all to settle thgs~~
After we checked in, we visit Langkawi most famous cable car and hanging bridge. Technology used in constructing the cable car and the bridge is really awesome! I love to walk on the hanging bridge…. Although is really scary, (as the bridge is shaking due to strong wind) I like to challenge myself by walking on it. A very nice experience…….

On the way up to the hill~~~~

The view of the hanging bridge form Cable car~~~

Second day, we spend most our time in KILIM Geoforest park… It is worth to join the boat tour in this park. We visited the fish farm firstly. Gained lots of knowledge here……
Then, we proceed to crocodile crave and eagle feeding place….nothing special at the crave as no crocodile there. Eagles here is really wild….very typical!

We are ready for the boat tour~~~

Next, is our fish feeding time~~~ this is the time where our boss, TC waiting for huhu…… The boat driver brought us to the sea and then he stopped the boat. TC asked us to thrown bread into the sea…..
TC : Ok…….throw the bread la
Me: Here? Where are those fishes?
TC: Nah!….tis is the question I asked the driver when I came last time. The ppl just told me “ throw la, throw la”
TC said fished will come when I throw the bread
Hmmmm…that time I still doubt…but then no choice, cant see any fishes, so just try my luck!
Surprisingly, when I thrown bread into the sea……school of fishes cum~~~~ feel so happy when looking at them~~~ swim here and there in a school!

Enjoying watching those fishes~~~

Our boss, TC, just like a kid when feeding the fishes~~~

Beach at Langkawi~~~ Water is so cooling although the weather is hot!
After the geoforest park….we managed to go a few shopping complex to survey chocolates, cigarettes, beers and wines~~~ Well, visit Langkawi without bringing back all those stuff, is just like feel so sorry to myself. Haha!

The last day, before we went back to Penang, we visited Langkawi Underwater World. Worth to pay the ticket for the entrance. Gor gor enjoyed looking at fishes here. He said even ask him to work there without paid, he is willing also. We managed follow all the shows. Really fantantic!
Those fishes behind are really big, huge and gigantic! And very old also~~

The Hexagon tank~~~ with sharks inside

Underwater World is a place should never miss when go to Langkawi! For your information, the workers in the underwater world park feed the fishes with spirulina! Woh…is really unbelievable! Spirulina is rich of protein, and very expensive too! I knew this as I cultured spirulina during my FYP undergrad project~~~~ one litre of spirulina can only produce more and less 1g of dried spirulina…..fishes there really ho mia~~~ No wonder they so healthy and leng….haha.

Spirulina together with fish~~~ Food for fishes in Underwater World

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