Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dodo hates oxygen!!!!

So!!! What am I playing with in my research recently????


Busying "bela" my babies, Cici and Dodo~~~They are good bacteria......
Bifid0bacterium, in short, Dodo hates oxygen!!!
Funny right???
Human need oxygen but Dodo hates oxygen~~~
So, Dodo has to stay inside the container like as shown in the above picture...
By putting in GasPak (the white square thg), it helps to absord the oxygen inside the container and make sure the condition is anaerobic!~~~
Poor Dodo, struggling hard to survive....

Poor me too, struggling hard to cultivate Dodo and Cici....Sumtime they are naughty!!!
The life is just like cultivate, transfer, put onto the round plate, wait Dodo and Cici grow, and lastly, count the amount of Dodo and Cici formed on those plates....

Growth of Cici on the plate~~~

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