Monday, March 28, 2011

Encouragement and Spiritual!!!

I guess it had been one week i not dare to enter my supervisor's room since she back from vacation as my HPLC analysis problem still unable to solve T_T
However, because of urgently needed her signature, I entered her room early in the morning of today~~~~
After signing documents, she took this small present from her table and gave to me, saying that was a small present from her vacation!!
Well! I felt so supirse!!! No more key chain this time!!! haha~~~ and is my beloved hair clip!
Meanwhile, I really can feel that it was a small encouragement to me, making my day full of spiritual, although the problem seems like getting worst!
Passion and Patient! I were, I am and I will!
Hoping for the best for everything.....
Thank you so much Dr.! I will try my very best for my work......

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