Friday, March 11, 2011

A weekend with no journals...only rest and relax

Having a great weekend on the last week of February, by spending my time with my dearest frenzs in Miri and Brunei. We (Livon and me) bought the Air Asia ticket to Miri from KL with only rm15 per person for both ways during last year mega sale. So, our purpose is to visit mel mel (Melissa) which stay in Miri.
By the moment we reached Miri, we go for food hunting!!!!
OH!!! Sarawak’s Kolok Mee and Sarawak’s 3 layer Teh C peng !!! We miss them so so much!!!
Physically, Sarawak’s Kolok Mee is look like West Malaysia wan tan mee….. but then the taste is totally different!!! Kolok mee is much much more nicer…. Same to Teh C peng also

Teh C Peng!

Sarawak's KOLOK MEE

We had our dinner at Melissa’s house on the same day. Before went to her house, we go to Miri Saberkas’s pasar malam…. LOL…haha. But is glad to go there, as their pasar malam is also different. I guess their food capture ppls’ temptation more. Oppss…forgotten to capture some photos on their pasar malam..we bought Sarawak’s kek lapis there and mel bought some dishes there.
Melissa’s mum welcomed us with varieties of food!!!! That was an awesome dinner I ever have!!! Livon said is just like having reunion dinner…..Aunty cooked us kacangma (red wine kampung chicken) and Mac (mel’s brother aka future chef) cooked us mixed vegetables.

Awesome rite???

On the second day, we went to Brunei just for sushi!!! They say is nice…. First first I still wonder why Miri ppl like to drive to Brunei just for sushi.
We went to Excapade for sushi!! Seriously, after I tried, I know why Miri ppl love sushi in Brunei! Big portion, fresh, nice and cheap!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing is good in sushi king actually T_T…. too commercial.
After that, Joanne and mel did some grocery shopping in Brunei Shopping Centre. Things there are quite cheap if convert back to RM. Then, we back to Miri to visit Canada Hill and some beaches such as Marina Bay.

Excapade Sushi!! MUst try when step into Brunei!

What we did at!!!

Last day, we had our breakfast with Mel’s parent. We ate Sarawak Laksa…yummuy!!! Then, uncle brought us around Miri to see houses in Miri. Miri ppl are rich….. all big big houses….

Sarawak's Laksa

And then, we reach airport and left Miri T_T. … Aunty gave both of us present somemore….We really appreciated it.

I enjoyed every moment I shared with my frenzs in Miri.
Our earth is very sick now.,
Natural disaster is happening so frequently in everywhere…
No one knows what will happen next minute….
As I say, present is really present!
Learning to appreciate things that we owned and

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