Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 buffets in a week @ Neway and Seoul Garden, Penang

Woh!~~~~ This is buffet time again….
Last week, I went to 2 places for buffet….
Makan… makan… dan makan
At last wat I gain????
Quota overloaded,Wallet blooding, Face become round round, and body grow towards left and right direction……
By the way, I am just kidding la. I enjoy the moment having buffets with my friends and schoolmates.
So, at last Thursday night, I went to Neway K buffet with my housemates. During that session, we can eat what we wanted from the buffet bar, one person can order one main dish from the ala carte menu and one person can have 2 cups of drink.
Sound nice right? The whole night was just loaded with food and food and food.
We ate until hard to sang songs loh…. really full
The buffet included mainly salad (crab stick salad, hotdog salad, macaroni salad), fried rice, fried mee, some Chinese style fried vegetables, soup of the day and of course, dessert and fruit.
The ala carte foods are delicious! The menu contains Chinese style, western style and also Japanese style.

Ala carte menu~~~ varieties of food from diff countries
Food from buffer bar~~~

Grilled steak~~~ 70% cooked but still very hard!

Seafood spagetti~~~ this is nice!

So, what about drink????
There are varieties of drink we can choose including milk tea, flower tea, and pudding. Honestly, 2 cups of drink is really too much as after ate those food, no mood wan to drink also. But then I ordered one honey dew milk tea and one apple vinegar

Honey drew milk tea~~~ abit sweet!

So, how much is one person need to pay u would ask….
K buffet + one ala carte main dish + 2 drinks = rm28 ++
However, there is a promotion until end of june, where if ic num got one 8, less 15%. Any addition of one num 8 will add in another 5% more to the 15%.
When the bill came… I feel so shock. Is so expensive then I counted.
After check again, the snacks and the nuts are charged.
We did not call any snack and the waitress gave us automatically 4 bowls when we came.
We thought is FOC. And the lady at the counter did not mention anything about the snacks.
Then, only I remember that jie jie complain to me before about the snacks. Neway set a rule that how many ppl need to buy how many snack… like we have 5 ppl, so we need to buy 4 bowls of snacks.
And one bowl of snacks is rm11!!!!! Hoho……
Wei….this is what we called…. First time experience.
“We always learn from first time experience” (Old folk, every year)… haha

This snacks!~~~ rm11 per bowl

After K buffet on Thursday night, I and my schoolmates went for Seoul garden at Gurney Plaza, Penang on the next day, Friday to Celebrate our friend birthday, Ling Yun which from China.
This is a type of Korean bbq buffet.
Monday to Friday, come in at 11.30am to 3.30pm, student that shown matric card will have special price at rm19.90++
Food here x bad also. I personally thk that those sliced chicken is very nice. These sliced chickens are being marinated in many style such as tomyam, garlic, teriyaki, curry, black pepper, sze chuan and cha siew. The cooking style, of course, grill is the most suitable, rather than putting into the steamboat.
with ying ying and birthday girl, Ling Yun

Happy birthday ya, girl!~~~ hope u enjoy ur first birthday in Malaysia

I personally like this photo very much!~~~ This photo was cropped by Hui Tin.

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