Monday, June 14, 2010

CROCS warehouse sales @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

After I gained information from Queenbay FB today, I quickly rushed to QB Mall just for CROCS warehouse sales. This sales started on last friday until tomorow.
Well, today was the last two day. So, I did not expect so much from this sales.
However, i still turn up myself in this sales..... a lower price for branded thing mah.
At less have to buy one!
The price of the shoe start from RM30 to the most expensive Rm100 per pair.
And if u purchase 3 pairs, then the fourth pair is free.

So, this is the shoe i bought for myself~~~
Looking for this quite a long time adi
RM70 per pair (Normal price RM129)
Other color such as red, orange, yellow orange available

This hello kitty shoe.~~~
Bought for my the-only-lovely youngest sister as an encouragement and support for her STPM this year.
RM70 per pair also (Normal price RM139)
This shoe is really nice~~~ but too bad left size 4 and 5 mia.
My youngest sister was so greedy until asked me about those cartoons tag tat can put on the shoe~~~
She asked me wether those cartoon sell in cheap price also....of course no la
And this shoe is full with cartoon..... additional of cartoons tag is just a waste!
This wawa shoe RM 100 with normal price RM169.
Luckily this shoe all left small size~~~
Or else i cant control myself to buy

And this is the shoe i wanted to buy the most! RM60 (normal price rm129)
But too bad~~~ no size also

Although the red wawa shoe was not available in term of size, I still feel puas hati with my shopping today~~ 2 pairs of CROCS shoes

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