Saturday, June 26, 2010


Received various gifts this week~~

1.) Fashion bag from Taiwan~~~ Bought by my brother
Quite nice in the sense of design and it is waterproof

2.) Muachi from Taiwan also.... some taste nice but some taste like biscuit.

3.) Key Chain~~~ bought by Mendy jie jie and Jamie

4.) Postcard from Taiwan~~~ Posted by my eldest when he was in Taiwan
FYI, this postcard reached after one week he back in Malaysia

The design of the postcard....I guess he posted while he is visiting the salt Museum

5.) Vegewash from mum. I accidentally pour my small bottles of vegewash into my rice last few week. Waste my rice and vege wash.
So, mum ask Mendy jie jie to send me a new bottles. Thanks to jie jie for sending me all the items above!

6.) Kernels from Iran~~ This is nice

7.) Another kernel and fruit bar (I guess) from Iran~~~~

8.) Winnie the pooh shirt ~~~~ I love it so much

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