Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tao CuiSiNe @ E-Gate, PenaNG

HMmm.... Tao Cuisine is the most famous Japanese buffet in Penang due to its reasonable price and delicious food. So, make sure you pay Tao Cuisine a visit once you step in Penang...
It is worth to have a try here.
Last month, my schoolmate and I visitd Tao Cuisine as they are promoting their new menu.
It is not like the so-called buffer that we used to eat in hotel. They serve you with what you order, and you can order as much as you can.
BUT!!!! Good things always come with BUT... haha..... Every 100g waste of food will be charged!

Main enterance of Tao Cuisine, E-gate

May promotion- 50% less for birthday girl and boy

We booked 10 sits but at last only 6 people turned out

Baby octopus~~~ nicer then sushi King!

A kind of fish, not sure what type of fish, I told my frenz is COd fish but they said look not alike
This fish is soo nice with soft texture!

Various types of raw seafood include salmon, octopus, tuna and jelly fish

Taiwan prawn mantis~~~
This prawn are being served in a very different way, fried with peanut. Taste nice

In other words, my frenz called this fishes as pregnant fish as their stomach full of fish egg.

Crab Meat with cheese~~~

Forgotten what is this dish name~~~
Is another kind of fish.... taste different from other fish! not bad too!

MOTOYAKi Cheese Mayo~~~
Fresh scallop baked with Mayonise..... Must call this! Delicious!

Chef Maki~~
Rice wrapped with pregnant fish.... not so nice in my opinion~~~

Smoked Salmon with MIx vege Roll~~~~

Steamed Unagi~~~
Taste nice....but the Unagi very hard! Keras betul!

Overall, the food served are delicious...
Price for one person is RM50 and RM56.70 including taxes
Walk in before 6.00pm can get another 10% less.
However, you are advised to book before you go, or else you might be dissapointed as always fully book, espeacially weekend!

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